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VMQ silicone resin
VMQ silicone resin structure
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VMQ silicone resin
VMQ silicone resin
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VMQ silicone resin Chemical Properties,Uses,Production


VMQ Silicone Resin is a polycondensate from four functional group siloxane(Q) and One functional group methyl siloxane(M), the molar mass is generally 100-8000g/mol, the molecular structure of M and Q chain ratio and the structural nature of the M decision resin applications.


VMQ silicone resin is a subgroup of the silicone resin, which is a type of silicone material consisting of branched, cage-like oligosiloxanes. Silicone resin has a general formula of RnSiXmOy. In many cases, the R group is methyl. MQ silicone resin denotes a polymer containing two methyl groups connecting to the siloxane backbone. When a polydimethylsiloxane has a small number of methyl groups have been replaced vinyl groups, we obtain VMQ silicone resin. VMQ silicone exhibits excellent heat resistance, extraordinary cold flexibility and high resistance to weather, ozone and UV rays, making it a good material for being used as heat exchange gaskets. It can also be used as surface treatment agent in silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, the phone keypad and epoxy adhesive surface. It can be used as reinforcing material for silicone rubbers and adhesive for construction sealant. Finally, it can be used as additives during the preparation of release agent, defoamer, anti-sticking agent and brightener.


1. Surface treatment agent: As used in silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, the phone keypad, epoxy adhesive surface. 2. Reinforcing material: plastic can be used for RTV, HTV rubber, addition silicone rubber, heat curing silicone rubber compound, shell encapsulating semiconductor components. 3. Adhesive: For construction sealant, organic resin coating. 4. Other additives: such as the preparation of release agent, defoamer, anti-sticking agent and brightener, plus forming anti-adhesive peel strength modifier.


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